Air Freight

Freight to the world

Mastery Forwarding & Clearing is an international freight forwarding company in Nigeria that handles the Import & Export of goods from these major countries, China, USA, UK, France, India, Germany, Canada, Dubai, Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, and South Africa.

We can also run an errand for you here in Lagos to assist you in purchasing of goods to ship to you anywhere around the world. Likewise, we can take care of business for you at any of the countries listed above and beyond, and we can ship it down to Lagos, Nigeria.

As a Customs clearing agent, we can also handle the clearance of cargo shipment from any ports here in Lagos. We have a global freight network and working alliance with airlines and other freight forwarders in most countries. This strength and coverage make our services cost-effective and reliable. We have all it takes to execute any air cargo contracts across the world.

Let us bring your products to the world

Consolidation shipping

Air Consolidation Shipping

Are you seeking for a cheaper means of sending your goods through air shipping? We are here to make your shipping plans a reality. We offer air consolidation shipping services from Lagos to any other part of the world. We also ship from China, India, Dubai, Indonesia, USA, Germany, Uk, Canada, France, Turkey, Italy, Poland, South Africa. No matter how small the kilogram of the goods, we will dispatch them and deliver them to you.

Air Freight Services

Random Air Cargo Shipping

Air shipping is comparatively the fast means of shipping goods from origin to its destination. We take merit in this. We always do our very best to enhance delivery in supporting importers and exporters to facilitate all air cargo processes. We arrange the booking of space with experienced airline operators across the world. We complete all documentation that will make the transit smooth. With our air shipping services, you can be sure that your goods will be delivered at the destination without having damages. We keep our clients well informed on the status of their shipment.

perishable goods

Hazardous Goods & Perishable

Dangerous are dangerous only if they are exposed to things that make them enable their danger of nature. We can take care of all goods that may be hazardous when exposing to air or humans. We take special consideration to manage and control the effect of cargoes. Mastery Forwarding takes precautions from the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of each cargo. We will take all necessary actions and control them from packaging them to meet the airlines' standards. If you have perishable (Fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs) we will ship them and deliver.

heavy lifting air cargo

Special and Heavy Lift

Special cargoes need cargo specialists to make it a success. When an importer needs to ship a heavy shipment. We love to assist importer because not all freight forwarders can handle such air shipping. We deploy all specializations from packaging, labeling, loading on board, and customs documentation to negotiating air rates with airlines operators. When it comes to special and heavy-lift cargoes, Mastery Forwarding has the capacity to ship and deliver such consignments.