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Mastery Clearing & Forwarding is a Customs Clearing Agency and a shipping company in Lagos, with vast experience in documentation and clearing processes at terminals. We have partners within and around the globe who help us ease our logistics needs to relax the stress from the mind of our clients. We have a number of agents on the ground who takes care of the clearing of goods through Apapa, Tincan Island, and Onne ports. With our updated and validated knowledge about the clearing of cargo at all ports through sea or air, likewise shipping of goods to any country around the globe, we take delivery as a priority. 

The possibilities are endless

Air Freight

Air Freight

Mastery Forwarding & Clearing is an international freight forwarding company in Nigeria that handles the shipment of goods from...

Customs Agent

Customs Clearance

We also do our best to clear goods without having problems with customs seizure or confiscations. Our experts in customs compliance take documentation and schedule delivery out of the terminal as a priority.

Freight forwarding

Sea/Ocean Freight

We manage all sea cargo shipping from containers shipping (20ft, 40ft, 20FR,40FR, and Reefers containers) to car shipping.....


Warehousing & Transportation

How we simplified Global Supply Chains for our esteemed customers whilst looking on the web and purchasing from the supplier. Let us pick up your orders, ship them, process customs clearance in ports and bring them down to your doorstep.